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     Here you'll find the latest releases of DtabPrinter during it's development.   The project at this point is very much a work in progress, so please don't expect a polished final.   However, while it might be young, it's mature enough to give some interesting results, but there's a number of things on our to do list.  But you're more than welcome to try it now.


Version: V0.28 (ALPHA)

By: Kevin Picone
Url: www.DtabPrinter.com
Url: www.underwaredesign.com

Release Date: 3rd, Apr, 2011
(c) copyright 2011 Kevin Picone, Underware Design

 All Rights Reserved


    DtabPrinter is an application focusing on converting DTAB formatted Drum Tabs into Sheet Music. The package comes stand alone and does NOT require DTAB. Although, you will of course need some Dtab formatted tabs in order to use it effectively

   This version of the package is very early it in it's life cycle, so you should expect rendering bugs and be pleasantly surprised when it works correctly! We're hoping to resolve such issues as user feedback comes in over the longer term. At the moment, we're well aware of the issues - But feel it's worth releasing to give users some idea of what
the application is all about.

   While the package is called DtabPrinter, it doesn't actually print. Rather it allows you to save the rendered sheet music as bitmaps for printing with your preferred print software.

  What's supported ?
        - 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 & 32nd notes + rest
        - Triplet Groupings
        - Flams
        - Time Signatures (supported but be needs lots of work Smiley
        - Auto Repeats

  What's Missing ?

        - Ruffs / Ghost notes
        - Text output in music (titles, comments etc)
        - Only supports Dtab V0.01 files, older files will need converting
prior to importation.
        - No user defined 'page size' for the render engine.

   System Requirements:

        - Any Windows Operating Systems, including Win98, WinME, 2000, XP,
Vista & Win7

        - Direct X 3.0 (or above) - Vista and Win7 users may need to install
direct x9 for this to to run!



         You currently only download the current ALPHA from the Work In Progress thread here.    






 (c) copyright 2000/2011 Kevin Picone, Underware Design