D t a b   P r i n t e r   FAQ 


   Q. What is DtabPrinter ?

        A.  It's a program designed to convert Dtab formatted Drum Tabs into Sheet Music.


   Q. How Much Will It Cost ?

        A.  Undecided, but were hoping to release it FREE.


   Q. What platform (operating systems) will DtabPrinter be able on ?

        A.  The package is built using PlayBASIC, so it'll run on virtual every edition of Windows from Windows 98/ME/XP through to Vista & Win7.  


   Q. When will it be released ?

        A.  Early work in progress versions of DtabPrinter have been available since early April 2011.  


   Q. Will it import any Drum Tab or just Dtab Drum Tabs ?

        A.  At this point, it'll only support Dtab Drum Tabs.   If there's enough interest, we'll look at other formats.


   Q. What type of rendering does Dtab Printer use when  converting Drum Tabs to Sheet Music ?

        A.  The music engine is vector based, this allows the sheet music to be drawn proportionally.  So the quality can be zoomed and out.


   Q. What resolution does it render the sheet music in ?

        A.  From memory it defaults to around 1200x*1600y. It can render smaller & larger if desired, but current default gives nice clean printed result.


   Q. Is the Sheet Music Anti Aliased ?

        A.  Yes, all note head rendering is aliased and scalable.    


   Q. Where can I find work in progress information about DtabPrinter ?

        A.  You can follow the development either on our forums (here) or on the Dtab facebook page.



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