G a l l e r y

     The gallery is a collection of pictures taken throughout the development of the various components needed to create DtabPrinter.    


D t a b   P r i n t e r   W o r k   I n   P r o g r e s s 

     These are various shots of DtabPrinter spanning from it's first few days of development to more recent times.  



M u s i c a l   N o t e   E d i t o r 

     During the development process, it soon became clear that we'd need to build a custom library to render drum sheet music proportional. To handle this, we developed a custom vector tool for creating the various drum note heads.  The user draws the outline and music engine renders it proportionally.


P e r m u t a t i o n      B u i l d e r 

     This is taken from the first attempts at building sheet music render for drums, all the way back in 14th, OCT,2000 - Unlike Dtab Printer,  this version is bitmap based, so it's not proportional.    





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